The research activities at SVI are developed along four research axes:

  • Advanced tools and characterization methods

Advanced tools and characterization methods

Our activities are supported by advanced Raman spectroscopy, in-situ XPS, real-time characterization of sputtered materials, BRDF, AFM with hot plate, ...

Glass, surfaces and thin films

Glass and thin film surfaces, interfaces and nanostructures: understanding processes, physico-chemical interactions, multicomponent diffusion and microstructure towards the design of new materials and products with new functionalities.

Optical properties of structured surfaces

Optical properties of micro and nano-structured media (nanoparticles, thin films, patterned surfaces, heterogeneities): link between process parameters and morphological and optical properties of complex media. Laser induced heat propagation in thin film and substrates.

Soft matter, liquid films, mixing granular materials

Develop fundamental knowledge and tools on the behaviour of multiphase systems involved in the processes of building materials, and on the dynamics of liquids and suspensions used in wet coatings processes