Open job positions

  • Open Ph.D positions (see below)
  • Open Master 5 positions (see below)

It is possible to prepare a Ph.D. diploma within the laboratory and we always have 4-6 Ph.D. students.

  • French diplomas: Many of our Ph.D. students defend their Ph.D. at one of the Universities in the region of Paris at other French academic institutions. Most of the PhDs are a part of formal national or internal collaborations. Therefore, Ph.D. students often spend a part of their training period on other academic sites in France or abroad. The Ph.D. is in general financed through the mixed industrial/public contract CIFRE.
  • International diplomas: we receive exchange students through our international collaboration and we sometimes have access to European Ph.D. scholarships. Furthermore, many of our students go abroad for extended periods during the preparation of their Ph.D.

Some of the master projects we propose may be followed by a Ph.D. with CIFRE funding.

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