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New article: Intumescence in waterglass

Waterglass exhibits intumescent behavior on thermal treatment, a property being utilized extensively for fire-resistant glass applications. Here, we report on the fundamental understanding of the macro and microscopic structural changes related to foaming.

PhD thesis award: phase separation in glass

Congratulations to Barbara BOUTEILLE, former PhD student of SVI lab, whose outstanding achievements during PhD thesis ‘Phase separation in glass thin films for surface nanostructuration’ were rewarded by USTV (‘Union pour la science et technologie verrieres’, french for ‘Glass science and technology union’).
Smart liquid crystal defects

New article: Smart liquid crystal defects

Micrometric, electrically irreversible smectic A liquid crystal defect patterns can be used as active films for smart windows with voltage-adjustable and reversible haze levels.

New article: Granular jet in water

Falling jet of dry granular material in water: We show the role of the capillarity and velocity in designing the shape of the interface between the dry grains and the wet material.

PhD positions

Our lab is now offering 3 PhD positions: check the opening page