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Teisseire Jérémie

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Contact information

Jérémie Teisseire

Laboratoire Surface du Verre et Interfaces

Unité mixte CNRS/Saint-Gobain - UMR 125

39, quai Lucien Lefranc
93003 Aubervilliers

+33 (0)
jeremie.teisseire A_T saint-gobain.com


I am a member of the Thin films and nanostructures team of the lab which I have joined in May 2008. My background is: experimental soft matter science. I made my PhD at the Centre de Recherche Paul-Pascal (CRPP) on « Instantaneous adhesion of model materials » with F. Nallet (CRPP), C. Gay , P. Fabre. Then I made one year post-doc in the SVI’s team of Thin films and nanostructures on the « Strengthening of glass by polymeric coating ».

Research interests

Nanoimprint lithography:

Recently, Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL) has emerged as a promising technique to replicate nanostructures. NIL basically consists on the solidification of deformable surfaces or films in contact with a structured stamp. In the laboratory, we have developed a one-step, fast and potential low cost process to make silica like glass nanostructures by combining sol-gel chemistry and thermal nanoimprint. Two axes of research are followed in the lab:
- Study of the stabilities of structures after embossing.
- Study of new surface’s properties due to the patterning.

Plasticity of silicate:

Silicate glasses are archetypes of brittle materials. However, below the micrometer scale, they present a plastic response. Dislocation mechanisms being ruled out by the amorphous nature of these materials, a fundamental question is the precise physical mechanisms responsible for plasticity at the molecular scale. In order to provide experimental inputs to test theoretical predictions, different methods are developped in the lab to test the mechanical behaviour of silicate at the micrometric scale.