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Raux Pascal

CNRS postdoctoral fellow

Laboratory Surface du Verre et Interfaces
UMR125 CNRS — Saint-Gobain

39 quai Lucien Lefranc
93303 Aubervilliers Cedex
+33 (0)1 48 39 xx yy

Research interests

- Particles in confined liquids
- Wetting in granular materials
- Water balance in plants

Research experiences

- 2017 - ... — Interfacial effects of particles in thin films of suspensions with Alban Sauret and Pierre Jop (SVI, SGR)
- 2015 - 2016 — Capture and absorption of fog water by Tillandsia landbeckii, with Jacques Dumais (Univ. Adolfo Ibañez, Chile)
- 2014 — Cohesion of wet granular material in the pendular regime and model granulation process. With Anne-Laure Biance (ILM, Univ. Lyon 1, and St Gobain CREE)
- 2013 — Mobile interfaces: non-wetting drop friction and front dynamics. PhD directed by Christophe Clanet and David Quéré (LadHyX, Ecole polytechnique and PMMH, ESPCI)