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in our laboratory :

  • High-temperature equipments
  • Glass-melting electrical furnaces
  • High-temperature (<1500°C) hot-stage
  • Deposition and fabrication techniques
  • Magnetron sputtering chamber “Misstic”, with three magnetrons and several in situ measurements during sputtering (stress measurement, SDRS, resistivity), connected to XPS chamber
  • Photolithography
  • Zwick mechanical press for nano-imprinting
  • Microanalysis and spectroscopy (local measures)
  • Raman spectrometer, with accurate translations compatible with high-resolution mappings
  • Atomic force microscope, compatible with large samples
  • XPS, with ion sputtering gun for XPS profiles.
  • SIMS (SGR)
  • Electron microprobe (SGR)
  • Optical measurements
  • High-resolution goniometer
  • UV-Vis spectrometer (SGR)
  • High speed camera