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Two 18-month research positions for young researchers on the melting of granular media

Melting mixture of granular media may lead to rearrangement of the structure during sintering processe.

Nous proposons 2 CDD de 18 mois pour travailler sur la fusion partielle d’empilement de matériaux granulaires dans le cadre du projet Européen MATHEGRAM MSCA-ITN pour des étudiants ayant obtenus leur diplome de master ou d’ingénieur.

We are offering 2 positions in the European network MATHEGRAM MASCA-ITN founding for young researcher just holding a master of an engineer diploma (not already a PhD).

Please contact Pierre.jop@saint-gobain.com for further details as well the euraxess portal.

Two 18 months projects for Master/Engineer (Man/Woman) in science of the sintering and melting of granular materials.

Thermal effects on micro-structural evolution during capillary-driven sintering.

* One position for an experimental work on sintering of mixtures of ceramic powders.

* One position for an experimental work on melting mixtures of millimetric grains.

Eligible rules :
* Candidates must not have spent more than 12 months in France during the last 3 years.
* must not have more than 4 years of research experience.
* must not already hold a PhD.


Granular materials, such as soils, agricultural seeds, metallic and ceramic powders, and pharmaceutical powders, are common in nature and have many industrial applications. They possess unique physical properties and a complicated flow behaviour. MATHEGRAM aims to improve our understanding of the thermomechanical behaviour of granular materials. In particular, MATHEGRAM aims to answer the following research questions: 1) How does temperature increase within granular materials without the application of external heating sources? 2) How does temperature affect the physical properties of granular materials? 3) How can the thermomechanical properties of granular materials be effectively utilised in various applications, e.g. additive manufacturing, powder coating, sintering and catalysis?

MATHEGRAM will deliver a timely, concerted research and training programme to address these challenging questions, bringing together a multi-disciplinary and inter-sectorial consortium consisting of 10 beneficiaries (i.e. full partners), and 5 partner organisations. Our vision is to develop robust numerical models and novel experimental techniques that can predict the performance and measure the properties of granular materials at different temperatures, so that they can be effectively used in various industries.

New applications will be made by sending a CV and a cover letter at pierre.jop@saint-gobain.com with the following object:


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