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PhD Position Physics of the Mixing of granular materials MSCA-ITN COPERMIX

Physique du mélange des matériaux granulaires dans le cadre du projet Européen COPERMIX . financement assuré . . Physics of mixing in granular systems . European founding

Following an administrative issue, we are opening this position again. Short deadline for this application

Note that applications must arrive before the deadline on the european portal Euraxess (15/07/2022 23:00 – Europe/Brussels) for a fair and transparent selection (direct e-mails to me are also welcome). https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/jobs/801689

Physique du mélange des matériaux granulaires dans le cadre du projet Européen COPERMIX
Thèse financée . contact pierre.jop@saint-gobain.com

Physics of mixing in granular systems

We are currently looking for a PhD student, funded by the Marie-Curie European Training Network CoperMix, to study mixing in complex flows. This honorific PhD position is an excellent opportunity to do your research within a European-wide network of researchers, with a tailored plan of training activities and many possibilities of interactions.

The objective of the network is to develop a unified vision, numerical tools, and experimental techniques allowing the description and the quantification of mixing processes in complex flows, such as turbulent atmospheric or oceanic flows and those encountered in geo-porous, granular and biological media.

At the Glass Surface and Interfaces (SVI) laboratory (a joint laboratory between the French intitute CNRS and the private compagny Saint-Gobain), the project will explore experimentally the physics of mixing in model granular media.

Saint-Gobain Research is offering a PhD position for 3 years. Candidates with a strong background in physics, fluid mechanics, chemical engineering or experimental in sof matter can apply.

Mixing granular materials in 2D

What are the benefits of being a Marie-Curie PhD fellowship?

– The PhD will take part of the network of 15 phD in the project, through scientific exchanges, visiting other laboratories, please check out our website.

IMPORTANT RULES imposed by the founding European institute:

1- Candidates must not have spent more than 12 months in France during the 3 years immediately before their recruitment.

2- Candidates must, at the date of recruitment by the beneficiary, be in the first four years (full-time equivalent research experience) of their research careers and have not been awarded a doctoral degree.

Expected Results: A crucial first step of many industrial processes (e.g. building materials, industrial beneficiary Saint-Gobain’s activities such as glass forming) is the homogenization of granular raw materials. Although important progresses in the understanding of their rheology have been achieved in the last decade, the question of grain mixing has received much less attention.

Recent works showed that mixing in granular materials or concentrated suspensions is strongly affected by the shear-induced self-diffusion of the grains. For simple shear flows, a description was given in terms of an effective diffusivity coefficient. The goal here is to go beyond by providing a description of mixing able to handle complex flows.

This will be achieved by extending the lamellar approach of mixing to the case of granular flows. In such case, the key feature is that the diffusion coefficient is not constant, as for molecular diffusion, but depends on the grain size, the local shear rate and the local volume fraction in grains. In the line of CoPeRMix goals, experiments will be performed to investigate the mixing process of large grains with a focus on the role of the flow field heterogeneities.

To enhance these heterogeneities and broaden the distribution of local shear rates, we will also introduce cohesion between the grains. This project will share experimental techniques and compare stirring protocols with ESRs1,2,5,6.
The position is for 3 years with a net salary of higher than usual PhD students for foreign people, plus additional family allowance if applicable.

Eligibility criteria

Candidates must not have spent more than 12 months in France during the 3 years immediately before their recruitment and must not hold a PhD, and must not have spend 4 years of full time research after their first master diploma.
(for example, a foreign student that did only his 2nd year of master in France can apply. Also a French student that spent 2 years abroad during the last 3 years can apply. Also someone that was not in France at all during the last 3 years)

Contact: Pierre Jop, pierre.jop@saint-gobain.com

Sujet – Subject (pdf)
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